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Let’s get into Augmented Reality together and morph the way you reach customers’ attention
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Morphy Vision has developed AR filters for customers from different parts of the world
What it is and how it works?

Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. You get creative & useful Augmented Reality that represents your brand.

3D-graphics + Technology + Hype

Reaching your customers’ attention on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat is both fun and productive with Augmented Reality technologies. Now you can implement AR filter ideas to your social media marketing and use engaging effects as a promotion for your projects among target audiences. It helps you to achieve a high level of digital metrics, such as impressions and user-generated content. Get a fresh, eye-catching content for your social media or even metaverse space. The latest trends demand brands existence in metaverces, like Spatial, as well. We can help with that too!

Use cases
  • Bob Basset masks

    Bob Basset mask generates new fans of the brand and widens user-generated content.

    Leather wearables from Bob Basset were featured on numerous occasions: in the Givenchy collection, at Metallica’s and Avril Lavigne’s concerts or clips, in sr. Ridley Scott’s studio movies, etc.

    We created an AR filter based on the real “Star Custodian Art Leather Mask” product from Bob Basset. Now, all of his fans can try out favorite masks using their devices.

  • use front-facing camera
    Octopus Coffee Cup

    Generate new fans of the brand and widen user-generated content.

    Octopus Oliver is a 3D animated character integrated into a real-world cup of coffee made for a promotion company.

    Thanks to target tracking in AR filters, you can animate any ads. It can be a swinging business card or a dancing pack of flakes — adding the 3D magic will do the job.

    Create content for your customers using modern-day motion. Engage your audience with style.

  • Mahalia

    Not so long ago, we had an opportunity to collaborate with to create an mini-game AR filter for @mahalia’s, @ayrastarr, and @heisrema for the “Roadside” remix.

    Using the filter, you can choose which character to play and, with a simple tilt of your head, destroy cars with a bat in order to find yourself on the top of the pile.

  • It Gets Dark Game

    Morphy Vision created an AR filter for Sigrid to promote her new single, It Gets Dark.

    This interactive AR filter works as simply and surely as these few steps:

    • engages the audience for much longer than a glimpse and a tap
    • entertains, bringing out fun emotions
    • leaves an exciting impression that lasts and nurtures the audience’s loyalty

    Want to check if it works for yourself? Try out the filter!

What you get with AR filters:
Kindle new customers’ interest in your business
Give your customers the possibility to try on your product
Increase the activity of your existing customers

Get in touch if you have a project in mind!

You get creative & useful Augmented Reality that represents your brand

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