Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram for Brands for Marketing

Elevate your brand's online presence with thoughtful augmented reality filters. You leave a lasting impression as your audience engages with interactive content that seamlessly integrates your brand identity. By blending the virtual and real worlds, AR filters create a unique space for your brand to foster a deeper and more meaningful connection in the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Common types of Instagram filters


AR game

Engage in brief yet thrilling augmented reality games that respond to face gestures or screen taps. From quizzes and races to side-scrolling adventures, these games are highly interactive, providing users with an immersive AR experience.


Target Tracker

Target Tracker AR filters, activated by specific images like logos or print ads, let marketers craft immersive brand-centric experiences. They enhance physical objects such as banners and enable interactive engagements with product packaging, revolutionizing traditional media with captivating augmented reality experiences.


Stylized Face Filters

It can be makeup, accessories or any decorative or funny AR filter. These filters provide a unique avenue for brand expression, enabling marketers to curate a compelling visual identity and engage followers with interactive, shareable content. Can use 2D or 3D assets, color correction or change users’ face shape.


Branded AR filter

Any of the mentioned filters can be branded. By using brand colors or even placing a tiny logo in the filter, and published on the brand account - it becomes a great marketing tool for a company!


World AR / Portals

Utilizing the rear camera, these effects seamlessly integrate 3D or 2D objects into the real world, providing captivating experiences such as virtual try-ons or storytelling through sculptural 3D objects.

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