Use cases

  • Bob Basset masks

    Bob Basset mask generates new fans of the brand and widens user-generated content.

    Leather wearables from Bob Basset were featured on numerous occasions: in the Givenchy collection, at Metallica’s and Avril Lavigne’s concerts or clips, in sr. Ridley Scott’s studio movies, etc.

    We created an AR filter based on the real “Star Custodian Art Leather Mask” product from Bob Basset. Now, all of his fans can try out favorite masks using their devices.

  • Vue Smart Glasses

    Try on Vue Smart Glasses filter gives customers the possibility to try on the product to see if it suits them.

    Vue Smart Glasses is a San Francisco company making smart glasses for listening to music, using voice assistance, and more.

    To make glasses purchasing easy, we created AR filters — they accurately reflect real-life Vue glasses on customers. The filters allow for trying the product right away and choosing a model that suits you.

    It helps customers make informed decisions before buying — it accounts for users’ parameters in a sleek wardrobe fashion.

  • use front-facing camera
    Octopus Coffee Cup

    Generate new fans of the brand and widen user-generated content.

    Octopus Oliver is a 3D animated character integrated into a real-world cup of coffee made for a promotion company.

    Thanks to target tracking in AR filters, you can animate any ads. It can be a swinging business card or a dancing pack of flakes — adding the 3D magic will do the job.

    Create content for your customers using modern-day motion. Engage your audience with style.

  • Wyld Blue Hat

    Hat and accessories combined in different “looks” to try on, made for Wyld Blue store.

    Enthrall the audience by introducing your brand through a virtual store. Customers can try on different styles to blend a perfect persona for their outfits.

    See what you can achieve by giving total freedom of choice to your customers.

  • AR Game Filter for Murda Beatz

    Murda Beatz — is a Canadian record producer, DJ and songwriter.

    Our studio, together with F-that, developed a game filter.

    It has taken its place in the complex of tools for native and interactive promotion of the musician’s new song.

  • Mahalia

    Not so long ago, we had an opportunity to collaborate with to create an mini-game AR filter for @mahalia’s, @ayrastarr, and @heisrema for the “Roadside” remix.

    Using the filter, you can choose which character to play and, with a simple tilt of your head, destroy cars with a bat in order to find yourself on the top of the pile.

  • Randomizer

    Randomizer is made in the brand style and can take the user to the Titanic or fabulous Paris.

    With the help of this filter, the guys raffled tickets in 3 stages and got 1.7 million coverage.

    Brands got delightful experience and used the filter joyfully to record their stories.

  • Valley Glasses

    Instagram AR filter to try on luxury glasses made by Australian Valley Eyewear company.

    For Valley Glasses, we created a standalone AR wardrobe. Using the Instagram filters, we enabled trying on different forms of glasses, their colors, and smaller parameters for the demanding Australian customers.

    Thanks to Instagram stories tagging, promo posts, and raffles, the filter proved to be highly effective in promoting the glasses production. See the convenience of choosing the right glasses without visiting retail stores! Instagram filters is all you need.

  • Games Education

    Randomizer AR filter made for Games.Education brand’s marketing campaign.

    Randomizer AR answers the everlasting question — which game to play? Often do you stumble when choosing a virtual pastime, when Steam alone was responsible for releasing over 10 000 games in 2020.

    Randomizer AR immerses users into a selected game — it triggers a special sound cue and warps the visual environment. The AR filter enriches user experience and spurs players to create games.

  • use rear camera
    Octopus Face

    Interactive AR face filter allowed to make user-generated content more interactive and engaging. Originally made for, school of 3d graphics and animation.

    Delight your audience by interacting with them on a new, Octopus-grade level. With 8 limbs under the belt, the Interactive AR face filter gives a strong grip over users’ minds.

    Bang your head to get rid of an octopus, like it’s a Metallica concert.

  • Tiger

    Ananya Birla is an Indian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

    Her ‘Bengal Tigers’ foundation takes part in the Indian Pro Music League — a competition of six teams, each representing a different part of India.

    Top Indian musicians will lead teams, filled with established music stars and rising singers. The music world heroes will fight for themselves and their regions’ pride.

    To make Bengal Tigers a real success, we created an Instagram filter to assemble a dream team. For our team, it was a pleasure to contribute to Ananya’s success.

    New Year

    The main character and the representative of the brand – Gannet – came to life with the help of this AR filter to give users best wishes for 2022.

Clients Feedback

Guys got involved in the task super quickly and brought down on all their creative-technological-virtual-augmented-real power. They helped create and assemble urbasaurs, monsters that personify urban issues, in 3D based on a sketch. Moreover, they also made nine super cool AR filters for Instagram for us. And they did it all in a very short time. Highly recommend it. Respect from

Clients Feedback

We worked with the team to create Instagram filters for Aviasales. Together we came up with 2 cool filter options. Despite strict time limitations, managed to get things done even before the specified deadline. Well, the results speak for themselves – the total impressions by our filters were more than 1.7 million 🙂

Special thanks to the team for helping us with all the technical and non-technical questions!

Clients Feedback
Vue Smart

We really enjoyed working with Morphy Vision! They created great augmented reality filters for us based on our products. It was smooth and quick to work with them. We look forward to working together again.

Clients Feedback

Working with Morphy Studio has been great, they understood the design brief perfectly and were able to give quality on time. We would definitely recommend them for quality immersive content.

Clients Feedback

Morphy Vision team did a very cool job recreating two of our masks in Augmented Reality. The key feature was to maintain the concept and feeling of the mask and guys did it well!

Clients Feedback

We’ve created AR filter for our 3D graphics school Instagram account. Using such filters was a totally new experience for us and we are more than 100% satisfied.