What you can get with our team

Social AR
gives users an opportunity to experience additive reality content right on their Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and share it straight away.
Web AR
allows you to easily share AR experiences right over the internet on your website, no app required.

Social AR

Web AR

Highly optimized for use in a face AR filter on social media, this Cyberpunk fan-art helmet shows a level of detalization which can be achieved for light-weighted 3D models in augmented reality.

It’s easy to install 3D models for AR/VR use on your website. We show a few of our models optimized for AR filters here. You can view them in VR with your headset or place into your real environment with an AR mode using the Sketchfab app.

  • RayBan glasses

    Your customer can place them just behind the laptop and see how cool it would be to possess one pair without leaving your website.

  • Octopus coffee cup

    This example shows that your 3D models can be animated to achieve the highest level of immersibility.

  • Armchair

    Website visitors can place this armchair into your room or office space to feel the strength of AR for the furniture industry and online sellers.

Potential Usage of 3D models on your website
  • e-Commerse

    Show your product line in a way that customers can easily persieve. Studies have shown that AR has a 174 per cent greater sense of presence compared with 2D images. This leads to stimulating the so-called endowment effect and increase in sales.

  • Engaging visitors

    Increase time spent on your website by surprising your visitors with fresh types of the content. These can be branded characters, animation and marketing-related content which users can put onto their table or in a room. This entertains your guests and makes them feel amused and emotionally connected to your brand. It makes your brand look different among all the others.

What do we offer

Your brand definitely needs high-quality content, and we are here to help you to implement it. Creation of 3D models from scratch, optimization for using in augmented reality and guiding you in embedding it to your website – that’s what we can help you with.

  • Creating an idea and concepting

  • 3D Modeling

  • Animation

  • Optimization for AR

  • Adjustment on Sketchfab

  • Adjustment on 8thWall

Let us show you what you can get for your brand!