Promoting a Brand using TikTok Effects as part of Marketing Campaign!

Utilizing the platform's music and AR effects, brands can craft distinctive campaigns that captivate audiences. A notable strength of TikTok advertising lies in its algorithm, facilitating rapid virality for content and providing brands with a powerful tool to maximize their reach and impact.

Why TikTok AR Effects?


Astonishing algorithms

Initial push is needed but TikTok promotes AR effects with a great power. So in case the filter finds response and used by the audience, it becomes almost self-rising project.


Fast capabilities development

Started not so long ago, TikTok Effects gain power with an incredible pace. effect House, the engine used by creators, is developing quite rapidly, compared to the established competitors. New capabilities of engagement with the user



TikTok has it’s own approaches, for example, copyrighted music usually is not included into the filter but added in the first published by brand video. This way the platform engages promoting in a different way.


Unrestricted Creativity

The TikTok community fosters a distinctive environment that encourages creative experimentation, fueling a sense of freedom and sparking considerable feedback on intriguing effects.

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