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For F THAT’S HOT, we create a filter with a motion tracker. It animates a product sticker and runs a message: Fiery Heart! When you point a camera at it, a 3D model of a pepper turns into a heart. We used a target tracker type of the filter in this project. To put it simply, a filter starts running whenever you are holding a bottle of sauce.

The Blendshape technology helped us achieve smooth animations for 3D forms–the pepper becomes a heart with a high-fps grace! We created our Blendshape in Autodesk Maya and then added it to a program that makes AR filters for Instagram–Spark AR. With its help, we set up the logic for changing shapes, then added fire and text elements to finalize the filter.” A blue-yellow blazing pepper turns into a flaming heart, signaling its fiery support for Ukraine.

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