Publishing and promoting AR filters on Instagram

It is worth starting with the definition: the term AR itself means “augmented reality”, which is totally different from a similar abbreviation VR (virtual reality). The AR filter works according to the following principle: 3D objects and filters are superimposed on the elements of the real picture from the lens of your phone, tablet or laptop.

At the moment, there are an infinite number of filter formats that have some general structuring. Face filters, Target trackers, Portals, World effects, AR mini-games, – all this is just a drop in the ocean of endless filter variations of the popular social network, and their number is growing every day. AR filter uses

The effects themselves are created in the Spark AR Studio program – the main point for brands to know is that any creation of a filter begins with an analysis of a brand and its needs, generation of AR filter ideas that can later be translated into a filter.

How to promote instagram filter:

  • Increase your reach with fun UGC content
  • Make challenges, giveaways, and other gamification promotional activities
  • Compare the real thing with an AR filter, if it’s a “try on”
  • Showcase your products in a virtual portal/gallery with instagram product filter

Publishing your instagram story filters directly is simple. After creating a filter, we upload it to Spark AR Hub and submit it for approval. This process can take up to 5 days. If the AR filter meets the Spark AR studio requirements, it becomes available for use on your Instagram/Facebook page.

5 steps for initial seeding your social media filters:

  1. After loading the effect – let your followers know about it.
  2. Engage as many influencers as you can in your promotion.
  3. Make a post about your new filter.
  4. Publish a guide for your followers on where they can find your Instagram AR filter and how to try it on.
  5. Post different stories with a call to action to apply the filter and tag your brand in the story. In return, do a repost in your stories.

Spark AR Hub also gives filter developers and brand owners the ability to track and analyze the performance of your AR effect on Facebook and Instagram.

Campaigning your filters for brands and companies are an essential tool for promoting on Instagram. They allow you to achieve multiple goals: increase engagement, launch UG content, increase awareness, and give an opportunity to try on content. Big brands are already using this new marketing tool. Also don’t forget to track new augmented reality trends to extend your border and possibility.