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Examples of augmented reality for e-commerce brands

Augmented reality brand experiences

Surely, you’ve heard about AR. From a funky gimmick to the mainstream, AR technology and AR filters software has become a proven solution for the masses of people.

Here is how it happened.

The turning point for AR brands’ popularity was the adoption by tech giants. After Google and Apple hopped onto the AR train and included it in their products AR technology, content, and user experience have been taken to a new level. And that means a lot! Support from such platforms means people investing their time and effort to create captivating AR content, both stunning and effective in augmented marketing.

The Facebook corporation took it a step further — added this functionality to Instagram, the home for billions of users with its simple UI.

AR filter ideas are plentiful, so here are the examples of Augmented Reality:

Next-level furniture visualization

AR filter ideas Take me to your home by morphy.vision

AR and virtual wardrobes, name a more iconic duo. But nowadays, it’s more than trying clothes on. At Morphy.Vision, we create filters that animate complex furniture on all kinds of surfaces.

So what’s new, you may ask? The star of the show is the interactivity — you can move, turn, zoom in/out, see dimensions, changes colors of parts, etc. Full customization for people to enjoy.

Here’s some details of the AR experience:

  • – Moving

    Select an AR object on a surface, drag it, and, Voila, it moves to a desired direction to match the room’s surface. It can be floor, bed, or any flat surface you point at.

  • – Turn

    Rotation is another feature under AR’s belt. Select and turn furniture to fit the interior under the right angle. 3D modeling will make your potential clients well-informed — they will know the exact amount for a new purchase.

  • – Dimensions

    Show customers the exact sizes. By including small numbers near the edge of every dimension, your clients will likely make the right choices. This will lower the return rates — your customers will know exactly if the furniture fits the real space. Whether centimeters, inches, or any country-specific metrics, more info means a well-studied choice by customers.

  • – Color change

    What sounds as a simple trick, is a vital perk for customers. Human eye is very sensitive to colors when choosing the right commodity. And furniture is no other — color perception can be a difference-maker between indifference and liking stuff. Morphy.Vision is keen on dissecting 3D products into parts and changing their colors to conjure a perfect one. Customers will love the aesthetics of a product in whose creation they partake.

Try-on glasses

AR filter ideas Glasses by morphy.vision

Another example of augmented reality trick in our pocket is virtual glasses. We create special hues that imitate the real-world feel of wearing glasses with different tones.

It is more than just using a palette and picking up random colors. We deliberately recreate and calibrate the gamma for each color and the way it interacts with surfaces. What’s more, the filter emulates sunshafts and shows the effect of glasses by suppressing the light. We make the glasses feel realistic and look cool!

The usage scenario is simple and intuitive:

  1. Click in the Instagram link/ scan QR code
  2. Select the Glasses icon
  3. Pick up the desired color
  4. Tap on the screen
  5. Profit!

Currently, there are 5 most popular examples of augmented reality color hues available for trying out: traditional black, light brown, purple, burgundy, and green. Aimed at the niche glasses market, the AR filter also showcases the finesse of such solution — several clicks is all it takes.

Accessories in AR

We also do some ‘classy’ AR filters for brands, their buyers can try out accessories. From necklaces to earrings or even hats, the front camera will add a nifty outfit to your look via simple taps.

And indeed, such filters will vary your gear depending on which part of your body you tap. Imagine the convenience of trying on many AR products instead of using them one by one. See how a cowboy’s hat can suddenly become a perfect fit for completely wild jewelry — try clothes on yourself like it’s a video game character creation! Choose between sun hats, kerchiefs, baseball caps, or anything you come up with. Just don’t use the Packers cheese hat, it’s an intellectual property!

One tap is one piece of gear changed. Do it until you find a perfect outfit combo to look like a perfect human creation.

AR filter ideas AR filter for Wyld Blue


Examples of augmented reality filters in Instagram are potent and crisp. Simple to implement, it is a no-brainer when picking up a technology to quickly introduce your product to the masses, especially if it’s Instagram with tons of people on the platform.

Coming up with AR ideas is simple. From complex furniture to more simplistic glasses, AR filters make the user experience a joy — choosing is easy, assured, and deliberate — people know what they want and how it will work.

Now you know why AR technologies can make the difference in marketing.

Come and try augmented marketing using realistic AR filters on Instagram, courtesy of Morphy.Vision.

Oct 10, 2021
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