Why AR technologies can make the difference in marketing

What is an AR filter?

Augmented reality is about merging the real world and digital objects. Using the computing power, you fine-tune the end result and how you present it. And the best thing is — it can work both ways, allowing the technology:

  1. add virtual objects to the real world
  2. change real objects using graphics

Same about AR filters in Instagram — they either improve or tweak your camera’s output. When receiving pictures from both the rear and selfie cameras, your ISP (image signal processor) does the telephone magic. And the result is plentiful — from imitating virtual makeup or wearing accessories to building a whole new museum.

Augmented reality effects grant you a vast marketing toolkit. Imagine the potential when you can launch campaigns via several clicks:

  • Raise brand awareness. Tell the world about your product in a fancy way. For one, show off a new makeup line — present a lipstick in action with live results. It is a clear winner over the usual ‘staring at a lipstick package’ experience offered in traditional e-shops.
  • Increase customers’ engagement Social media filters are a proven way of making people hyped. Spur users to partake in raffles and trivias by using filters — once they tag you, users will be automatically enrolled in a contest.
  • Stand out, shine bright Looks like every brand is on Instagram now, and they all look the same. But that’s not about you. With them, you will spice things up — this will make you unique and memorable, thus recognized. Fitting things on Virtually no limitations on this one. From hats to sunglasses, from jewelry — courtesy of AR will present all of the products’ upsides.

Augmented reality has got real — from big brands to small and medium businesses. Once adopted by budget-backed tech giants, it has made big strides, both implementation- and cost-wise. And Instagram took AR filters to another level — it is now easy and affordable, packed with marketing tools for making your brand known and tech-savvy.

Why is marketing so fast-paced?

“Long story short”. This isn’t just a phrase, rather a slogan for modern-day marketing. From TV commercials to social media, ads have evolved across all platforms. And it’s true for the youngest of platforms — Augmented reality marketing — the one who experienced vast changes from it’s not-so-distant conception to become what it is now. If we take a platform like Instagram, we could see an interesting marketing trend — what started as mid-to-long posts as the go-to promotion, then became stories. Indeed, this is the place where people now promote their goods, and the decision was made by the numbers, creating filter brands and different AR ideas. Users rely on their eyes rather than believing letters.

Instagram + AR

With this evolution in mind, we wanted to craft something to help marketers out and put their message into short, yet informative Instagram stories like . This is when AR filters stepped up. Being accessible even on budget smartphones, this technology elevates marketing to reach virtually any target audience you wish. Another augmented reality perk is making active content that engages people. And we know for sure, an active audience means a lucrative audience. Funky and intense animations create a friendly mood that spurs people to actively interact with a brand.Putting AR animations on real objects both is fun and hip, and has an odd quality of making you wanna share it with someone else. A perfect storm for a viral spread across Instagram, isn’t it?

Implementation magic side

Powerful point of attraction
You can spark interest in your product out of the blue. It can be anything — from adding seasonal masks during holidays (Christmas or Halloween thematic outfit/accessories) to kicking off challenges involving your brand.

Try out products
Use it as a virtual wardrobe. If your product can be worn, then make it available for people to try virtually. Whether it’s jewelry, glasses, or other wearables, our developers can reenact them in filters to spur your customers towards making purchases.

Entertain existing customers
Help customers feel they create something cool — with AR it’s a cakewalk. User-generated content shows your brand’s creative community and forms bonds between both parties. As mentioned above, an active community is a bliss.

Raffles, raffles, raffles!
Oh, didn’t I mention raffles? This is an easy, yet effective way of kicking off a new product. You can come up with countless scenarios for participating in a raffle and spreading your brand-new goods with augmented reality filters and a company #tag. This is pretty much an equation for healthy publicity and brand awareness.


Marketing has changed, so did its methods. The content is consumed fast, and we found a way to adapt to it — social media filters. By using the technology’s power and ar experience, you can effectively attract customers using 3d advertising , help them try products, increase brands’ loyalty, and spread the company’s publicity on Instagram — a huge and powerful marketing platform above all things.