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Morphy.vision is back on track! ✨

Morphy.vision is back on track! ??⠀

Last week marked 1 month since Ukraine was invaded by russian forces, and Kharkiv – home city for the majority of the @morphy.vision team – became one of the targets for the most severe enemy attacks. We have now regrouped our studio in safer locations. Our entire team stays strong together, keeps working and creating no matter where we are??

Today we’d like to thank our clients and partners for the incredible support they’re showing us and all of Ukraine. It is also important to recognize that this is not support out of pity, but out of admiration for how strong and brave Ukrainian people are??

And as a local business, Morphy.vision is also set to donate 10% of each project amount to humanitarian aid.

We believe that modern technologies, creativity, and strong business relations can contribute greatly to Ukraine’s glorious victory against the aggression of a dying system stuck in the Dark Ages.

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Mar 29, 2022
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