Augmented reality in business: benefits from Instagram AR filters

Instagram AR filters

Filters for Instagram: AR business

Remember anyone saying Instagram and business in the same sentence… about 5 years ago. Back then, it would sound crazy. But in 2021, it’s an iconic duo when both parties benefit from each other — needless to say, many ventures flourished on the platform, using it as a marketplace and a marketing tool. And it wasn’t a coincidence. According to a study from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, 56% of digital marketing success is creativity. In other words, user-generated content sells. “But it’s all known, what’s the deal?” you may ask. Indeed, Instagram is huge and every respectable brand has an Instagram page on it. But it’s generally corporal promotional posts. Luckily, there is a fresh, more effective way of giving your product publicity. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Instagram AR filters — a mighty gizmo in the Instagram stories toolkit, poised to rock the marketing.

What is the benefit of creating Instagram AR filter?

On top of pretty looks, instagram effects convey a bunch of advantages:
  • People actually try your brand Even the most trusted brands fight to prove they’re the best purchase. And filters do exactly that — they enable trying a product before purchase, allowing to see how it looks on a potential customer.Not all purchases are calculated, in fact, they’re often spontaneous. “Aww, it looks so cute” is a reaction to instagram camera effects that can produce out of the blue. A good way to show off your product, isn’t it?
  • Become agile in marketing Nobody knows your customers better than you do. Use custom Instagram AR filters to your advantage — get creative and choose among numerous filters to relate to your core audience. Augmented reality uses provide tons of customization, different interaction mechanics, ways of presenting them, sound accompaniment choice, etc. Be a perky freshman on a block
  • Public perception is crucial however you look at it. And this is where Instagram AR filters do you a big favor — they help form your brand’s prolific image. What’s more, it shows you’re keen on tech, being on the same wave with the younger audience — its most active part.


Business is about money. It is also about innovation, and Instagram has proven these statements coexist once again. But a proven technology means others are well aware of it. This is when augmented reality experiences rise up and custom Instagram AR filters are both new and reliable, making it a solid choice for introducing your product to people, providing marketing agility, and standing out among competitors. Drop us a line and see how instagram video effects help businesses flourish.