What you can get

Explore how augmented reality in social media or on the web can help to reach your business goals and transform your industry!

Create new types of content that gives you an edge over competitors. Instagram/TikTok filters and Snapchat lenses are a sleek method of imprinting your brand in subscribers’ minds. Native and easy, it works best when asking people to tag your brand when they use the AR filter — and, voilà, you’re recognized!

Increase your brand recognition — interact with a target audience in social media using AR-powered campaigns. Create the promotion content that people can’t stand but share.

Use it as a virtual wardrobe. If your product can be worn, then make it available for people to try virtually. Whether it’s jewelry, glasses, or other wearables, our developers can reenact them in AR filters to spur your customers towards making purchases.

Games are exciting, let alone those powered by Facebook filters and Instagram AR. Powered by AR, users can partake in races, quizzes, and other activities within the AR effects. Such games don’t require changing the app or downloading extra content.

In essence, AR filters elevate user-generated content to new heights to make games look and feel fresh thus exciting.

Quizzes, especially powered by AR filters, are always in demand. Popular across all demographics, they captivate people into going through tests, educational tests, etc.

Using our AR filters, you can create quizzes with a snap of your fingers. Tailor-made for the catered audience, your quizzes will show the brand’s creative image and form a bond between and a customer.